I grew up riding in Southern California and wanting to learn all I could about horses. I have ridden and trained hunter jumpers, dressage, western pleasure, trail, driving, vaulting, & gymkhana. I apprenticed for 3 years with an amazing trainer restarting ex-racehorses & problem ponies which sparked my interest in equine behavior and rehabilitation.
    In 1995 I moved to Northern California. I started working at a resale barn, retraining horses and finding them appropriate homes. I combined the best of what I learned from "traditional training" methods with "natural horsemanship" I was quite good at what I was doing and yet I felt there was a hole in all I had been taught, and in all the training methods I found available. I wanted a safer and more pleasant way to be with horses. When I found  feel based training techniques it changed my life. It answered the question to the hole and filled in for what no one seemed to teach of care about.    
 Working through feel is so simple and yet so profound. I love sharing what I've learned. I train and ride both English & Western. Feel based training applies to all aspects of the horse. I strive to create a safe and fun environment for both people and horses, and a place where learning and self- expression is recognized. I had always dreamed of a better way to be with horses, now I find my self living this dream.  

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email me
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     I have to say "there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not amazed at how safe, pleasant, & productive life can be when you have a feel based relationship with your horse".