June 22nd 2012

     I usually write about experiences I have while working with Amy but today I wanted to talk about how my relationship with my horse, Tobi has changes over the last 5 months. Before I met Amy, I had tried different trainers and methods of training with my horse, all of which one of us would become board and cranky with within a few months. I distinctly remember trying a very popular training program with my horse. I so badly wanted this training method to give me the relationship with my horse that I felt was lacking but what was happening instead was a resentment that was building between us. Tobi hated all the games and tools but I thought we must be on the brink of a break through. Luckily I had only worked with that training method a few months when I met Amy and that's when everything changed. As soon as I stopped trying to fit Tobi into a mold that he would never fit into, he became happier and so did I. We both became more playful with each other but also much more respectful. We have a better understanding of each others boundaries and the horse that would take 2 hours to catch, now nickers at me when I call him and gives me "horsey hugs" while I am haltering him. Instead of spending time being frustrated with each other, we spend time scratching and grooming. We work together as a team and we have both become more calm and confident. I love spending time with Amy and learning her amazing training methods but more than that, I love the relationship she has helped me create with my horse who I fall more in love with everyday!!

July 12th 2012

    One of my favorite things about taking a lesson with Amy is that I never know what we are going to work on until I show up with my horse. We arrive and I let my horse Tobi role and play in the arena a few minutes and Amy and I talk. It seems to me that during this time, Amy assesses the way that Tobi and I are feeling and what our energy level is. Amy can always tell when I am having a low confidence day and she will challenge me in areas she believes I can succeed but also knows when I am feeling too overwhelmed. She can also see when Tobi is feeling overwhelmed and only pushes him as fare as he can handle and then gives him something different to do. Because of these techniques both Tobi and I are always looking forward to our lessons. Tobi used to get upset when I would take him to other lessons and I am assuming this was because he felt he was going to get pushed around and be on edge for the next 2 hours but at Amy's he is happy to hang out in the arena and see his new friends and then ride for an hour doing all kinds of different things. Both Tobi and I have become much calmer in the saddle and out!!

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